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So these past couple of months, life has been decidedly ambivalent in its treatment of me. There's been much epic fail, but a series of amazing things have also taken place. I feel as if these should be celebrated, and I really want to thank the individuals who brought them about. So excuse the length of this, and, uh, here we go.

1. The incredible, amazingly talented [ profile] cellophane_ria created art for Three Tasks. It is the cutest thing you have ever seen, and she's made me re-picture the lilac robes in my head. I can't say how amazing it is to see something new and beautiful and creative come out of something I wrote, flaws of that writing aside. I love this so much; I look at it every day.

Drawing here.

Please leave her feedback, if you have a moment, because she is brilliant.

2. The lovely, wonderfully-cadenced [ profile] pennyplainknits recorded Three Tasks into a podfic. Podfic and audiobook are available here. Please leave her feedback, too, and tell her how great her reading voice is. This took hours to record, I'm sure, and is wonderful; I don't know how [ profile] pennyplainknits managed it, but she got the pacing right for even some of my most nightmarish, awful, sentences (there are many, as the lovely and sharp-eyed [ profile] sistermu can attest) and made them sound amazing. I am incredibly grateful, and flattered.

3. In further amazing (and unbelievable) news, Three Tasks and Easy There won things at the Spring Camelot Awards. I know I'm so behind on the boat on this it's ridiculous, but I just wanted to take the time to thank the generous [ profile] smokey2307 for taking the time to organise it, to sort through votes and put the awards up. I am literally disbelieving of having won anything, and I just want to say thank you not only to [ profile] smokey2307 but to whoever voted in the awards, the winners of which I abuse as part of my Favourite Fiction Rotation on LiveJournal.

4. The talented, creative [ profile] solanyxe made this video, which I love with a pretty death-defying passion. It's difficult to explain why this means so much to me, but suffice it to say it came at a pretty difficult time, with a wonderful message from her, and that it cheered me up despite being in extremely weariness-inducing and drab surroundings at the time. It is also powerful, and so skilfully put together--it's a little breathtaking, for me.

I've embedded it here )

Please leave her feedback, too!

5. Today, I got a package from [ profile] puckling. It contained space opera. It had COOKIES. There was post-ironic stationery. It was, in short, amazing, and I'm blown away, because people in this fandom are so effing generous, and I'm so glad I've met so many of them. Thank you, [ profile] puckling, for being as wonderful as they come. I AM UNSPEAKABLY HAPPY ABOUT THIS PACKAGE'S ARRIVAL.

In fact, this is how this package made me feel )

Yes, all those dances.

6. And finally. These past couple of months, I've had some wonderful messages, and e-mails, and LJ comments. I can't thank [ profile] eltea enough for checking on me when I was practically in a ditch by the side of the road, and I also can't say how grateful I am for the patience of all the individuals who have left me feedback, and who have been so wonderful about waiting for the last chapter of Easy There, along with a bunch of other fiction I'm been trying to finish, as well.

Some of the comments regarding Easy There, and particularly those generously left at the Anonymous Feedback Meme (thank you thank you thank you for the constructive criticism), have expressed some confusion about what the hell I'm doing with my life, and why I've failed so utterly about being clear about what's happening with my writing. I think this is fair, and so in this spirit I have unlocked the Endnotes to Easy There, the first section of which I've expanded a bit, in the hope that it will explain what's been going on:

Easy There Endnotes.

7. Because seven is a good number, and uh, people I've met through this LJ are generally amazing. So yes. Thank you.

7b. Oh! Oh! [ profile] lanning and [ profile] worldwouldend, thank you for being awesome. I am now on Dreamwidth (yes, I too bought the Michael Jackson glove in 1999); I am syllic there, too.

7c. Not an amazing thing, but [ profile] roundmerlin will be back up and running in time for the summer slump, I promise. One more week of exams, and then it's all going to be smooth like a rhapsody. Or, uh, as smooth as it ever is, anyway.
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This part:
-Approximately 6,000 words,
-Rated R,
-With warnings for sap like a maple tree harvest (do you harvest maple syrup? I don't know).

Apologies, [ profile] green_grrl; evidently, not enough Cracks made it to the party in the end--not enough by far.

Arthur was not a man to leave things to chance.. )

With incredibly heartfelt thanks to all the people who chivvied this along like Chevenix (despite the fact that it is LUDICROUSLY SILLY), and especially to all the wonderful people whose detailed feedback pushed this story in new ways even as it flopped around with a fish's death throes towards the end.

Thanks, ants. Thants.
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So four days ago I said to [ profile] porntestpilot: One can only hope this thing doesn't fall apart at the seams when there is (some) seriousness and, ohgod, sex.

All I can say now is--who knows. I have severe reservations about this (and about MY SANITY), so substantive criticism is most welcome.


Title: Three Tasks 2/2(i) (this part approximately 10,600 words)

Pairing: Arthur/Merlin

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Arthur in lilac robes. Direct allusion to a whole bunch of episodes.

Notes (Warnings?): Yes, Mordrain sort of speaks like Hamlet at one point (antic disposition what what?). Only kind of intentional, like most things in this story.

Culhwch ac Olwen has been murdered at the altar of the RAFSSDs. The medievalist in me threw a fit at this; the person who says "Je ne clean pas le room de loser" to her housemates even though they do not understand the reference figured what the hell.

The same is true for oddly flexible time and the higgledy-piggledy mish-mash of later and earlier medieval artefacts and practices: But muuuum, BBC's mother lets her do it...

Rape dog love (oh god, so wrong), to [ profile] rageprufrock, because fandom should have metadialogue like burning.

Many, many thanks to [ profile] franticsga, [ profile] yaviasad, [ profile] nicolasechs, [ profile] emptybackpack, [ profile] lilian_cho, [ profile] think_through, [ profile] ravencostello, [ profile] riko, and [ profile] descrime, for providing very uplifting Merlini support halfway through.

And now, without further ado:

Merlin was convinced Arthur had purposefully given him a recalcitrant horse. )
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Because one plus one equals three for high values of one.

...and then Merlin and Arthur talk some more, giving Merlin a chance to come out, and Arthur catches Morgana and Gwen talking about how they already knew, and Merlin needs to ask Arthur to answer one final question, so they talk again.

Contains excerpts from The Royal Arbiter for Suitable Suitors' Disputes' Guide to Arbitration.

Arthur had known some uncomfortable times in these robes... )

Edited to separate this second part of the interlude from the first, to clear up confusion about what part was new (I am beginning to see that clarity and I are, evidently, not always one; thank you for being helpful and pointing out instances where this tendency can be corrected).
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In honour of the fact that if I were assigned three tasks, and if the first were to complete this story tonight, as I said I would, I would fail in the grand manner achieved only by history's great epic failures, I give you:

Three Tasks: An Interlude

In which Uther and Arthur talk, and then Arthur and Merlin talk, and Merlin agrees to four courtships without talking at all. )

By god, I will finish this soon, and there will be tree-felling, mountain-climbing, and cave-fighting: action, action galore.

Until that action-filled moment arrives, however, I apologise; it appears that je suis un dialogue loser.

(Edited) to turn Gwendolen into Clarissant, because she was causing undue Gwen/Gwen stress (thank you for pointing this out to me); think of this as one of those careless morning soap cast changes that the producers simply hope you 'won't notice'.
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So the fiction set in the future and I fell out, somewhat. I will return to it this weekend and we will attempt to re-negotiate.

In the meantime: did you know that some baby crack alligators escaped into the sewers in New York City in the 1980s, and that, after being left alone there for two and a half decades, they evolved into unholy, giant crack alligators, 7,761 words long?

Title: Three Tasks 1/2 (this part approximately 7800 words)

Pairing: Arthur/Merlin (only just visible, at least in Part 1)

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Arthur in lilac robes. Direct allusion to 1.1, 1.3, 1.4, 1.10, 1.11.

Summary: Arthur is the Royal Arbiter for Suitable Suitors' Disputes. He (and his trusty companion, the golden-dragon-tasselled hat) alone can determine who is fit to woo royal servants and other assorted courtiers in Uther's court.

(In light of the sentence above, the following may not appear to be a truthful statement, but: not as cracky as that makes it sound. Really.)

This time: Arthur arbitrates a dispute (with heretofore unforeseen wisdom); Merlin observes.

In Part Two: in a Rather Predictable Set of Events, Merlin becomes the object of a Suitable Suitors' Dispute. Arthur attempts to arbitrate. This time, he does not do so well.

Say what you like about him putting off hosting the Crown Prince’s Introduction Ball for Camelot’s Young Noblemen for—well, forever, really—but if there was a princely responsibility Arthur really loved, it was being Royal Arbiter for Suitable Suitors’ Disputes. )


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