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This Hide-and-Seek Makes Me an Addict: A Most Excellent Tale in Four Parts

About 3,600 words, Arthur/Merlin and uh, we'll call them "Bedevere" and / "Tristan", written for [ profile] worldwouldend on occasion of her birth and an upcoming period of happy, cheering-up times.

Have an understatement: This is not what one would call a serious creation. It was written in two hours, and, uh, I think "FUCK" would be a fair assessment.

Uh, points to person who realises earliest in the story what is going on in my very questionable brain?

[ profile] worldwouldend: a day late, but I hope you enjoy it. I usually bring 90s nostalgia to the table of our relationship, as you know, and I'm afraid this is... no different.

May this year be wonderful.

(This story is also available at Archive of Our Own.)

By the time he had teamed up with the one that looked like a very young Tristan, and the one that looked like Bedevere, if Bedevere had been a changeling, or, at least, vaguely fey, he still had not found Merlin. )


Birthdays presents open up a bit of a moratorium on sanity, okay?

This was supposed to be a... distillation of all the clichéd goodness that made this band and fiction about this band great, with Arthur and Merlin on the side, because those two are always relevant, am I right?

ETA: Dear [ profile] syllic, the fandom that stole your innocence may well have died while you were not looking, taking its yellow suede jackets with it. It is therefore possible that no-one will get your bizarro references. Yours Sincerely, The World.

Joey and Wayne DiSalvo
. (No, I had not seen this skit before 12pm today. I Googled it. Seriously, guys!)

Puppies are common property, not my own.

The cabin belongs to Rhys.

Title from HAHAHAHA this HAHAHAHA.)


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