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--but I take it all back, Eric; I realise, now, that you've always loved me, despite the many times during which we got into screaming arguments and someone had to call the police (because even the neighbours know about your tendecy to beat women), and even though last week I told you I wasn't coming back unless you did something about my drinking, by which I mean my drinking of bitter tears, I think you can rest assured now that I'm back, and I love you, Eric, I do, just like I know you've always loved me, really.

I can't promise I don't have a baseball bat stashed away behind the wedding dress I inherited from my mother--I keep it there for a rainy day, in case I have to... well, I guess I better say it: in case I have to murder you if you break my heart--but for now, at least, you can trust that I won't be taken over by rage, like I maybe have been in the past, and I know that you won't hurt me, like--let's face it--we know you have in the past, and clearly our love is meant to be, Eric, even though we have two other people in bed with us, and one cries single tears of distilled but beautiful manpain and the other firms his jaw at appropriate moments, creating a clear line of meaning between his set chin and his, er, tip-tilted nose, as you and I make sweet, sweet, love.

Let's take each other back, okay, Eric? I know we have this discussion every week, but right now I feel that this could work--I've always felt that it could work, if I'm honest--and I think we should meet halfway across the metaphorical bridge, sooner rather than later, because I know soon our meeting place will be collapsed via CGI.

That is all.

(PS--Sorry if you're waiting for e-mail from me; I'm moving houses at the moment and my first non-migratory internet experience is now. I'm working my way through things this afternoon, after some sleep.)

ETA: That last isn't for you, Eric. Just the message about our true, if oftentimes abusive, love.

ETA II: Eric, you no-good sack of shit... )
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Uh. That needed to be capitalised?

SPN 4.22, or 'I put it off until I could be alone.... all alone' )

Er... or something. I just finished watching five minutes ago. I'm a bit jazzed. Yes, [ profile] nicolasechs.... I fell into the pit a long time ago, my friend. A long, long, time ago. I apologise for breaking our troth.


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