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So: I've split us up, pretty willy-nilly (in order of reply posting except where I made mistakes as I scrolled down the page, because I'm competent like that (and with some re-arranging to enable the addition a fourth team due to popular demand)).

I've done this in order to reduce the total writing time for these stories and to make the collaborations feel more like joint efforts within smaller, more intimate, groups.

Please note that the lists below don't reflect the order in which authors will write; I'll do a random draw for this next week.

I've included some proposed guidelines for this below; any suggestions (aside from those already given: thank you!) are obviously more than welcome--my aim here is to facilitate as efficiently as possible, but as proof of my incompetence even at the earliest stages of this (see above) makes clear, I will be able to make very good use of any help provided.


Team We Like to Take Our Pranks to an Extremely High Intellectual Level;
Team I'm Not Really Looking Forward to Going to Cardiff Then, No;
Team I've Attuned to His Sense of Humour, Now;
Team Guerrilla Action At Le Splish Splash;
Beta Team: Buy Us £16-Pound Strawberries, Because We Deserve It;
Support (Pinch-hit) Team: With Help From His Buddy Arthur. Me, Arthur. Me, Me.

See team members' lists here )


SIGN-UPS here.

NEW WRITERS: If you are a new writer that would like a little extra support via the "New Writers' Plan", or a beta or experienced writer/reader willing to provide a new writer with a little extra support, please sign up here!

Thank you so much for signing up for Round Merlin, those of you who have already (this fandom is like running for the ice-cream truck with friends who will not only halt the truck's progress if you aren't running as fast as they are to give you a chance to catch up, but also loan you money when you get there), and for throwing your writing lot in with this idea. It is all very exciting.


ETA 2 Jan 2.23am:
[ profile] nicolasechs has already provided substantial help with this, so thank you!

ETA 2 Jan 10.33pm:
Right. So mad demand appears to be occurring. A community will be set up shortly (tomorrow evening, I hope).

ETA 4 Jan 2.37am
Community up: [ profile] roundmerlin

ETA 8 Jan 6.14pm

Sign-ups closing tonight!

Please continue signing up if you are interested, as pinch-hitters and betas will both be a vital part of this! If all members of a team are able write their sections, I will make sure to add pinch-hitters to the team's writing order, so that anyone who signs up and wants a chance to write gets one.

If a large amount of new writers sign up before the deadline, I'll simply form a fifth team, or re-arrange into five smaller teams.

Thank you all again!
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How is this actually going to work? )

What do people think? As I said, absolutely all suggestions are welcome.
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I've had a couple of questions about the plan to make new writers feel more at home writing in Merlin fandom, or perhaps writing for the first time. Details of how I'm hoping to make this work follow:

Sign up to be a new writer's "big sibling", to be an "intensive beta" for a new writer, or to ask to be a part of the new writer plan, here! )
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Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope many lovely things have come everyone's way so far, and that good things characterise this year for all.

So I've been turning an idea over in my head (and by this I mean it assaulted me mid-nap yesterday while I sorely needed sleep). This is the time of year when people send those awful, but charming, cards detailing all the activities that every small nephew of theirs has engaged in over the past year, and while ruminating on round robins, I thought:

Would anyone be interested in a collaborative Merlin/Arthur writing effort?

It would work as follows: individuals would sign up, and be responsible for writing 300-500 words over a 3-5 day period. The order would be drawn at random: once the first person wrote the beginning of the story, it would be passed to the next, and the process would be repeated until the cycle was completed by a final author.

The objective would be to write a small section that kept as closely as possible to the tone and style of what preceded it, though any turn in the plot would be acceptable. The idea would be to write a piece of fiction that held together; ideally, two or three arse-kicking betas would whip it into shape once it was finished.

Merlin fandom is rapidly growing, but still small(ish), and something like this could still work really well, I think. I've seen this done before in other fandoms to sometimes funny and sometimes wonderful results, but never to disastrous ones. Projects like this also allow for individuals who might not feel up to writing an entire piece of fiction to write a piece of a story in a fandom they love. It works with 5 people, and also with 50, and, if nothing else, it's an interesting writing experiment for early 2009?

Would anyone else be interested in exploring this?

Please let me know here )

Happy 2009!


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