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I had plans for a long walk to clear my head and purge the long hours of internet from my veins, and then it started pissing it down.

So I am going to reply to some comments, and then I would like to write some short

('Ariadne screams with laughter.

"Okay," says Eames, "that was only mildly amusing--"

Ariadne laughs, and laughs, and won't stop laughing.


Comment screening on, anonymous comments enabled for a few hours, IP logging off.

As specific as you want to be: the more ludicrously detailed, the better.

Here's a little joke I told myself the other day. I was on a boat. I did not entirely know where this boat was going, because I was seasick as all get-out.

I was listening to the Inception soundtrack, and imagining Cobb's squinty, squinty face.

"I specialise in a very particular type of security," he told me. "Sub-nauseous security."



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I have a million personal research concerns at the moment, and to tell you the truth, I haven't had a chance to look through this information carefully myself, but a quick glance made me slightly uneasy, so I thought I'd post this and encourage people to share it if it's at all useful.

Fan Fiction Survey: The Cognitive Neuroscience of Fan Fiction: Be Informed

Details about the survey, provided by the researchers, are here.

This is one of the men doing the research; this is his research partner.

The Wikipedia page on Dr. Ogas is, uh, not precisely confidence-inspiring, but then, hey: I really wanted to be on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire once, too. Like, really badly. Really, really, badly.

They're both at BU, which is a really respectable institution, for those of you not familiar with it.

Some thoughts about why you might want to participate:

[ profile] cjandre has a (positive) write-up about it here. The last comment in the thread is useful.

[ profile] crack_van has a thread about it here. The discussion in the thread has points for and against.

Some thoughts about why you might not want to participate:

[ profile] suaine has some thoughts about it here.

[ profile] eruthros has a pretty comprehensive post detailing her own opinions (negative) here, on Dreamwidth.

This thread has been highlighted by more than one person.

[ profile] woldy has some thoughts about survey design and publication here.


Uh, now go forth and participate/not participate as you see fit.


If you wish to see the survey questions before 'answering', you can click "Submit" after each question without filling in an answer.

You can also edit your answers once you have submitted the survey by returning to the start page (even after you have exited it).

The survey is here.
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--Seasons 2 and 4 of Stargate: Atlantis. They are dirt cheap but I can only afford one, because my scholarship institutions are not one with the timely payments and I don't think I can really stoop to making a decision like, "Leeks, or Rodney McKay?" not least because I think I've seen one episode of this show ever, thereby making giving up food for it a, uh, massive m-effing leap.

But--I can afford one, and I feel as if I know these characters, because I've read reams and reams of fiction, and it's the sort of thing I watch when it's grey and I've got nowhere to be, so--

Season 2? Season 4?

Direct me, oh wise f-list.
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Lovely, lovely, Flist.

I am looking for a reader for my [ profile] reel_merlin V for Vendetta story, which is tentatively titled This Vicious Cabaret, for now.

Someone is kindly looking after the grammar and language aspects of it for me, already, but what I'm looking for is what I have stupidly termed a 'tone reader'. The story does not take place at the same time as the film--very few bits of it do, anyway--and I'm concerned about getting the tone of the world right, more than anything. (Does it read like V for Vendetta Britain?)

There aren't many cheeky, cheery characters in this story, to quote David Lloyd, and I want it to have that grittier aspect, but I'm also concerned about getting the Merlin characters' voices right, in the context of this.

It'll probably be about 20,000-30,000 words long, overall. Er.

You wouldn't have to read carefully--simply for mood and tone, rather than for detail. Substantive, re-structuring comments are welcome, though; I like them.

[ profile] merelyn and [ profile] krazykipper have just extended the [ profile] reel_merlin deadline, much to my delight/chagrin at my awful ways. I hope to send sections along as I complete them; I should be done by Sunday and would be happy to receive your comments in sections or as a whole at any point next week.

If you are at all interested in this ludicrous request, and could comment with your preferred e-mail address, I would be thankful like burning.


Knowledge of the graphic novel would be excellent, though a deep love for the movie would be great, too, of cou--oh, wait, someone's at my door. It's Alan Moore; he's got a gun!
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...yes? No?

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

I'm a dreadful hoarder, so I'm naturally drawn to anything that allows me to keep MORE PICTURES, but, uh, I figured that wasn't really a good reason to fork over money hard-earned by working way too many jobs, so I had decided that paid LJ was not the way to go.

On the other hand, LJ has just informed me that I have 'exceeded my limit' on private messages, and so I currently find myself forced to spam people's journals in order to organise [ profile] roundmerlin.

On the other, other (mutant), hand, I don't really have any web skillz, so a paid LJ account might not really get the use it should/could in my incompetent hands.

So: friends, Romans, countrymen with (paid LJ accounts)!

Is forking over the money worth it?


OMGWTF. How is anyone that nice?

Whoever just paid for me to have six months of paid-LJ usage out of a random gesture of incredible kindness, please, please, don't remain anonymous! Or, you know, do whatever it is you'd prefer, because you are amazing, and you should do as you like, but if you do choose to remain anonymous, please send me your address so that I can send you an incoherent thank-you card, and also, some cake.

We could do it like this: you send me an e-mail from some obscure e-mail account, saying, "AMAZING PERSON (an alias, clearly), 1 Amazing Road, Amazing Town, Amazing, AMZ 011," and then I post you CAKE! Gratitude! CAKE! (Not sure how you post gratitude, but I will figure it out.)

Thank you (and I mean it about the cake--please allow me to do this; as you can see, I am exploiting the product of your kindness with great zeal already).
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--happy holidays, for all of those who celebrate today and also for those who don't.

My computer unfortunately blew up in rather a timely Yuletide fashion, taking boating! Arthur and Merlin with it (as well as my very exciting time-travelling-gift-giving-Merlin Christmas short story (tell me about it)), but I nonetheless am feeling quite a good deal of appropriate seasonal cheer, and I hope that has been the case with everyone today, and throughout the holiday in general.

May these days be very happy, and may you all be surrounded by loved ones (and delightful, charming, laughter-inducing individuals, for the fun factor), and may that be a good marker of the things to come in the new year.'s a good image from The Dark is Rising, because I've just finished re-reading it (and re-living my childhood with inordinate glee) and it's awfully fun, and why not:

Indoors, the tree glowed and glittered, and the music of Christmas was in the air, and spicy smells came from the kitchen, and in the broad hearth of the living room the great twisted Yule root flickered and flamed as it gently burned down.

PS--Does anyone know how to get a Mac that is flashing a question mark upon start-up to cooperate? I've tried the restore disks and selecting the start-up disk and resetting PRAM. Is it beyond my amateur help? More importantly, once it receives professional help (if it is indeed beyond me), will all my files have disappeared into a malignant technological ether, forever?


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