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I promise I am moving towards dealing with comments left on this journal.

Anon, good nurse, anxiety, shame--all of these things are coming into play here.

I'm trying to keep up with real life (result: a resounding FAIL) and, simultaneously, to be quick about finishing the seven pieces of fiction I appear to have on the go (result: less-resounding FAIL), and so I am being shit about replying to things (most resounding FAIL of all).

I just feel horribly, horribly, guilty about lagging behind on replying to my comments, especially as people have taken the time to leave them, which obviously gets in the way of their own attempts to keep up with real life and with their own seven pieces of fiction.


1. Apologies
2. Rectification of this oversight will occur as soon as humanly possible.

3. I appreciate the irony of this comment-enabled posting gesture.
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Housemate by phone: You have post!
Me: Really? (I never have post at this house.)
Housemate: It's from the United States.
Me: (Yes, yes, yes.)


Housemates: What is it? What is it?
Me: No idea. (I know exactly what it is. I know exactly what it is, and I do not want to share my cookies)
Housemates: Open it! Open it!
Me: Uh... look! University Challenge's on television.
Housemates: (unimpressed look)
Me: Oh, for fuck's sake. You can have one each, alright?

So [ profile] nicolasechs sent me cookies. And she is an amazing cook and they are lovely, chocolate chip and ginger (dark and sharp and satisfying) and cranberry (crumbling in your mouth and my favourite dried fruit ever), and aniseed drops so amazing and airy that they are like meringues and cookies at once.

[ profile] nicolasechs, I have just had one of each, and now I'm hoarding them. Hoarding them, I say (not really, I suppose. The above exchange involved more generosity in my part... marginally).

This week is amazing people week. [ profile] nicolasechs, and my anonymous benefactor, the identity of whom I now know, you are both faith in humanity-increasing.

You are AMAZING.

Thanks thanks thanks! I do not deserve this, but I am inappropriately thrilled nonetheless.

Epic Fail

Dec. 18th, 2008 04:23 am
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I am defeated by the soul-sucking energy drain of two airports, an indeterminate number of time zones, and a lack of sleep so profound that I have typed 'Merlini' not once or twice--or even thrice--but several times while editing.

I am certain that no-one is waiting with bated breath for this, but I nonetheless feel like an utter loser for saying I would finish today and then failing to do so.

So: I apologise, and (since if I do not finish this in the next 24 hours I will be forced to eat an entire sparklyface!Edward cake to deal with my frustration) please rest assured that I will post the second and final part of Three Tasks tomorrow, and I mean it this time:

Lilac robes or death!


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