syllic: ([merlin] cookies) this [ profile] australia_aid story, which has been a labour of love (hatred? Feelings of guilt so deep-seated they make you feel a little sick? Crazed giddiness? Some very strong emotion, anyway) for nine months, whose plot turns around the dragon.

I had hoped so fervently to be done with it before this moment (have I mentioned that I'm nine months in? Me and [ profile] ras_elased, we're trying to beat each other to the record, here), but alas, I am not.

Now I (am left to) figure: hey, a little AU never hurt anyone.

But if by some strange mind-meld the writers manage to actually screw me to the level of having to wholly overhaul this story for... oh, the third time? I am writing a letter of complaint. On principle. Mad, mad principle.

Dear BBC,

I have noticed that the latest episode of
Merlin appears to have some irregularities when viewed alongside my EPIC TRANSFORMATIVE WORK, In Possession of a Fortune.

I would be grateful if you could correct these at your earliest possible convenience.....
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Actual thought process (some actually articulated out loud):

[[[[[[[high-pitched noises of GLEE, GLEE, GLEE]]]]]]] And then... )

This said, this does seem to be pulling more people in (whether it's to rant or squee) than this season's other episodes have, so far. Is it me, or does this show always hit its stride post-middle season?
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The Sutton Hoo helmet.

British Broadcasting Company, I love you.
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So I was watching The Labyrinth of Gedref again, in order to get something straight in my head, and my eye caught... something very bizarre.

Merlin and Arthur are coming back, and Gaius says, "The crops have grown again," (which--well, suspend disbelief and all that), but--is Gaius holding an absolutely gigantic courgette?


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