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What the subject line says.

Uh. This is what happens When LJ Comment Conversations Go Bad. Very Bad. But Also Good.

Say [ profile] pyrimidine says to you, "...naked with a gun and a cat...AND RAY PERSON".

And you're like, no. But [ profile] pyrimidine is like, yes.

Then you write

Eames/Ray Person,

rated R for language and suggestion and ridiculous antics

inspired by the sort of man who sits on radiators wearing fingerless gloves, with a pink tint around his eyes,

based on fictionalised portrayals as seen on the HBO miniseries, and

approximately 3,000 words long.

Its title is: EAMES AND RAY, RULING THE WORLD, ONE CAT AND GUN AT A TIME or, Gun and Cat, a Love Story, or, A Gun-Wielding Cat: An Animal Metaphor For Ray Person, or, Catfights, with Guns, or, Is That a Gun or Are You Just Happy To See Me? / It's Both, and Here's a Cat, Too, or, GUNCAT!

by [ profile] pyrimidine, who is infinitely cooler than [ profile] syllic, and also, by [ profile] syllic, who had a beer on an empty stomach on... well. You get the picture.

(MERLIN TONIGHT! I welcome the opportunity to watch them do something with the dragon that makes my despair over In Possession of a Fortune even greater. No, actually--I kind of do. Problematic?)

Then there's the fact that there's a cat, a gun, and Ray fucking Person sitting on the other side of the bed, exactly in that order. )

[Poll #1617722]

(ETA: Hahaha, oh, Merlin, back with your funky Anglo-Saxon. But ooh, Merlin, call out to me all angry-like, baby.)
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I had plans for a long walk to clear my head and purge the long hours of internet from my veins, and then it started pissing it down.

So I am going to reply to some comments, and then I would like to write some short

('Ariadne screams with laughter.

"Okay," says Eames, "that was only mildly amusing--"

Ariadne laughs, and laughs, and won't stop laughing.


Comment screening on, anonymous comments enabled for a few hours, IP logging off.

As specific as you want to be: the more ludicrously detailed, the better.

Here's a little joke I told myself the other day. I was on a boat. I did not entirely know where this boat was going, because I was seasick as all get-out.

I was listening to the Inception soundtrack, and imagining Cobb's squinty, squinty face.

"I specialise in a very particular type of security," he told me. "Sub-nauseous security."



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It’s not entirely clear, amidst Julian’s terrified laughter, the sound of a woman screaming, and the frequency of punches being landed on or near Eames, how many men end up coming out after them. )

What's up, least anonymous anonymous fill ever?

Give me a reason to make shit mediaeval. Go on. I dare you.

(Yes, all of the horses apart from Algernon are named after Temeraire dragons; shut up; hello, [ profile] naominovik!)

Speaking seriously: many of you know that I have immense trouble letting words go, and right now, I need to make sure I do that. Failing at anonymity on the kinkmeme apparently facilitates this, at the moment; imperfections aside, I have to take it.

It defies belief (well, it defies belief in any fandom but this, perhaps, but it will always defy my belief), but the utterly wondrous [ profile] cactus_rabbit drew art for this.

Please go and look at it, and tell her how much you love Arthur's eyes.

And for those of you who like some introspection with your mediaeval.

You are all lovely.
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A Fool From Any Direction

arthur/eames, ~21,000 words (oh, [ profile] syllic, hahaha), nc-17

written for this prompt at [ profile] inception_kink ("Eames is a knight, and Arthur is a stable boy. Eames brings him little tokens from his quests and Arthur reverently removes his armor and lets Eames press him down sweetly into the hay").

with thanks to H.

A Fool From Any Direction

Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction.

I don’t understand, Arthur; did bandits seize you as a child? Did they take you away from your sums and reading and force you to play in the fields? )

Onwards to part ii.
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My father is a thief. Family business, you see )

Ho-hum. So, yes. Would not have been possible without time, or without dreaming a little bigger, darling, or without comment-reply boxes.

Can tentatively declare myself returned; expect In Possession of a Fortune updates soon.

And thank you all for being awesome.


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