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This small part approximately 6,800 words.

Ganieda had served in the same household from childhood )

ETA: Didn't realise some people were still reading these first parts, sorry about locking them briefly. I thought it would be easier to lock them until I could get back to posting post-RL craziness, but I'm sorry if that interrupted anyone mid-read.
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This first part of the second section approximately 6,200 words; Section II approximately 50,000 overall.

I'm sorry I had not had a chance to start posting this sooner; work has been mad this week. Here's to a string of long and miraculous stretches of time in which to get all the part 2s out in quick succession, despite work not showing any signs of letting up.

(Oh god just please be posted already.)

This section is divided into three parts (three trials for Merlin, with a focus on Gwen, Morgana, and Lancelot, respectively): Gwen, at least, will be completely up over the next two days.

Reign of King Arthur, Year the First )

Part II(b)
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Arthur’s eyes snapped open. )

Part II(a) up soon.

My desperate desire to get this up quickly, however, has resulted in a marked lack of non-fandom work on my part the last thirty hours. I must therefore turn my attention back to the less appealing grind of work for a few days, if I wish to get back to the more appealing grind of editing this massive, hulking thing before the end of the week.

I hope to have all of the second section up by the end of the weekend, but I do not want to promise that I will. Certainly I will not have any more up before Thursday, when most of my current flood of work is due; I apologise for the slight slow-down in upload rate.

I've never felt the urge to say this about a story before, but if you're sticking with me, massively complex exposition and all, thank you. This has been seen only by my own eyes for so long; having others read it finally is a great joy.
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These three parts conclude the first section of the story, Council. These three parts are 21,000 words long; the section overall is approximately 37,700.

37,700 for one of three sections what what.

This story began to be written over a year ago; as season two aired, I picked and chose only what was convenient for me. For the purposes of this story, most of S2 has not happened, except for the dragon's release and subsequent attack on Camelot; think of Merlin honouring his promise much sooner, perhaps, with no bizarre back-pedal from the rest of the characters, and no Violins of Emotional Intensity (TM).

We have not met Morgause yet; we only know that Mordred escaped from Camelot with Arthur's and Morgana's and Merlin's help.

The sorcerer-trial conceit was a strange occurrence of the fannish hive-mind, and bears no direct relation to the wonderful Peach, Plum, Pear by the talented [ profile] sweetestdrain. Though our ideas were conceived separately, I can only hope to pull mine off with half the grace and beauty of hers.

There is genderswapped Cai because it's fun.

Thank you also to [ profile] arlad, to [ profile] lilith_lessfair, and to M.

Thank you to [ profile] faynia, [ profile] cellophane_ria, [ profile] lavitaestbella, [ profile] pau494, and [ profile] puckling for invaluable cheerleading.

Reign of King Uther, Year the Eighth )

Part I(d)


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