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So, hi.

Spirited ex-mediaevalist (falls off the wagon all the time, and probably permanently soon, if current behaviour is any indication), loves scones and rivers, seeks fandom that loves boys who are dorks and boys who are kings and boys who are both.

I use this journal mostly to house my writing.

I love making new friends; if you wish to friend me, I am immensely pleased and flattered (I speak to you from a place of total awkwardorama), and there is certainly no need to ask.



Shady past.

I'm a horrible lurker that has been spotted around town holding hands with the following fandoms (if you were there with me, give me a Lurker Gang Sign, Yo):

Old Flings Remembered Fondly:
Pretty Sparkly Dance Boys, The Sentinel, LOTRips, Starsky and Hutch.

One-Night Stands that Dragged On For More Than One Night:
C.S.I., House, The O.C. (this last took me home when I was insensate and wearing a lime-green mini-skirt)

Oldish Relationships, Pictures Of Which I Still Sometimes Look At:
Sports Night, From Eroica With Love, Due South, Lord of the Rings.

Recent Break-Ups, Or Fandoms I Still Text Enthusiastically When I'm Drunk (And When I'm Not):
Smallville, Highlander, Harry Potter, Stargate: Atlantis.

Apocalypse Now:
Merlin (I'm having a torrid affair with Supernatural, though. The kind where you buy it a secret house in Vail. Christ.)

Hey, That Ex Hates You So Much He Was Shooting At You (Oh No, Wait; That Was A Dream)!
Generation Kill. Inception, or "Why are you, Eames?"
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