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Date: 2010-04-27 04:13 am (UTC)
Oh, she strikes again! ♥♥♥ Firstly, I have to apologize for not reviewing the parts after 1A – I read parts 1B to 1E in one go, and the ending of section one basically left me wringing my hands, and I have this weird thing where I really can’t articulate my thoughts, in any shape or form, once a story leaves me anxious. And that, I assure you, is a compliment!

COLGREVANCE: HE IS ON MY LIST. D: Nimueh’s pyres already had me biting my nails, but as soon as Colgrevance revealed his ~plan~, I would not be surprised if my mouth had literally dropped open because oh my GOD, how can someone be so ruthless and relentless? I think it’s incredible that you’ve created such an intricate world with so many new faces, the latter being even more incredible because with scenes such as Colgrevance's, you are already offering enough for people to fabricate an opinion upon. And he makes me angry! Because, really, I never thought about it before, but if the ending of section one and the beginning of section two have taught me anything, it's that Merlin and Arthur, being together every waking hour of the day? Yeah, kind of easy to take for granted! I could literally feel the claustrophobic frustration and panic of it all, and that is powerful, and although it is painful to read, I get why it has to happen and you made me feel very proud of Merlin for having his little epiphany at the end of this section, no matter how much he misses being with Arthur. That bit with the oil-stained tunic and the passing of notes was really lovely and nuanced and again, I can’t shake off the amazement that everything feels so effortlessly them. Even the small and adorable detail about Arthur being both ruler and the man who had once ate an entire haunch of venison felt perfect, because of course Merlin would be one of the rare people privy to things like that, and I like that you can feel his loss of both - Arthur the King and Arthur the man - in every moment they're apart.

And it is terrible but effective in its irony, because I remember thinking, after 1A, that we were all really lucky not to have had to literally endure that period of silence as it happened, and then Merlin’s current situation ends up mirroring it anyway! Poor thing. POOR BOYS! D: The tracking magic on Arthur's feelings is completely cruel and restrictive, and it makes me sad because I quite like Ganieda and I don't want to feel any resentment towards her, but it is pretty tough to be inside Merlin's head and feel the constraints that he feels. A compliment, though, again – there really is a sense of dramaturgy about it all, that sense that everyone involved has a front and back stage and it is REALLY interesting to see who they show their back to. Court politics and secrets and diverse complexity amongst magic-users - I think it's a grand myth that that stuff would mostly disappear once Arthur's reign came to light, and you are once again defying the usual structure and I LOVE IT.
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