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Date: 2010-04-26 05:16 am (UTC)
I do not think that person would be such a joy to have in one's writing life as you.

Um, I'm blushing and I thank you. But, given that I think Merlin has demonstrated that some things really do need to be said, I think I should say that I think the same thing. I read your fic and think, "Damn, this is everything I've wanted to see written and then so much more than I might have imagined." Then I think what an incredible person you are.

As for patience, uh, I have to have it or I'd chuck myself out of the window. Um, I think I've been working on a couple of fics at least as long as you have been working on this without the very good and very important real life reasons that you have had -- I'm just really slow -- , and I do not yet see daylight. But I live in hope that I'll get there sometime soon.

this is about Merlin beginning to realise (without realising he's beginning to realise) that he's not actually as accepting and zen about that period of silence as he thought.

Absolutely. Hell, his guilt at having lied (though what choice did he have, really?), his relief at having not been executed, and his understanding of why Arthur was silent would seem to me have allowed him to believe that he was more accepting than he really ought to have been. Why think about it and why address those uncomfortable truths and questions and resentments if you can possibly defer them to another time? And if you were too busy trying to save said prince from the Monster of the Week? I am really looking forward to this in a very encouraging and non-pressuring kind of way.
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