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Date: 2010-04-22 01:32 am (UTC)
I did warn you that I had more to say about this.

I've been thinking about the many different ways in which the reveal of Merlin's magic might occur (so many possibilities, yes?) and the different ways in which Arthur might respond. It strikes me that there are many different and equally valid ways to address it -- many of which you have shown in your different fic -- but also that both the reveal and the response have the potential to color their relationship for a very long time or, perhaps, to reveal so much about their relationship at a given point. To use your own fic for an example, in IWOAW, Arthur had known about Merlin's magic long before he mentioned it to Merlin, and that, to me, reflected the time he had spent observing Merlin and coming to know him far better than Merlin realised. In this story, Arthur finds out when Merlin has to save him, and he deliberates what to do and then informs Merlin that he doesn't want to know until it's time. His decision not to know deeply affects their relationship. There are aspects of Merlin that Arthur does not -- cannot -- know because he has determined he can know nothing of the magic until he is king. There is a separation between them despite their affection and despite the many ways in which they do know one another. There is a part of Merlin about which Arthur has chosen to remain ignorant, and I cannot help but think that that will be something they will need to address.

Since you had originally conceived of this as companion to IWOAW and since it became something else, was the manner in which the reveal occurred and was handled one of the things shifted by Season 2? The emphasis upon being known and whether one can be known by oneself or by others seems to be a huge theme in that season.

Speaking of knowing, I love the way in which four principals are so terribly ignorant. There have been so many things they have not known in the series, and I can see that continuing to be an important aspect of the storylines. Given how little Uther has refused to tell his son and how little Gaius will tell Merlin -- for fear or for shame, it's amazing the boys have done as well as they have, much less the very isolated Morgana and the ambiguously and precariously positioned Gwen.

At the same time, however, I love the role of gossip and the calculated dissemination of information (and misinformation) works in this piece.

Has it ever struck you as odd that Uther's Camelot is prosperous? It must have because it is prosperous in Seven Magpies but far less so than Hunith's realm.

I love the way in which this pieces comes alive in the details. The wonderful description of the ceiling of Uther's chambers having been scrubbed bright by Lucan whereas Merlin had never cleaned Arthur's says so much about the different characters and the relationships between them. My favorite, however, is Morgana's "Tomorrow and every day." In light of what has happened to her on the show and how I fear her relationship with Arthur will ultimately break, it is both heart-wrenching and heartwarming to read that line.

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