Sep. 12th, 2010

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What the subject line says.

Uh. This is what happens When LJ Comment Conversations Go Bad. Very Bad. But Also Good.

Say [ profile] pyrimidine says to you, "...naked with a gun and a cat...AND RAY PERSON".

And you're like, no. But [ profile] pyrimidine is like, yes.

Then you write

Eames/Ray Person,

rated R for language and suggestion and ridiculous antics

inspired by the sort of man who sits on radiators wearing fingerless gloves, with a pink tint around his eyes,

based on fictionalised portrayals as seen on the HBO miniseries, and

approximately 3,000 words long.

Its title is: EAMES AND RAY, RULING THE WORLD, ONE CAT AND GUN AT A TIME or, Gun and Cat, a Love Story, or, A Gun-Wielding Cat: An Animal Metaphor For Ray Person, or, Catfights, with Guns, or, Is That a Gun or Are You Just Happy To See Me? / It's Both, and Here's a Cat, Too, or, GUNCAT!

by [ profile] pyrimidine, who is infinitely cooler than [ profile] syllic, and also, by [ profile] syllic, who had a beer on an empty stomach on... well. You get the picture.

(MERLIN TONIGHT! I welcome the opportunity to watch them do something with the dragon that makes my despair over In Possession of a Fortune even greater. No, actually--I kind of do. Problematic?)

Then there's the fact that there's a cat, a gun, and Ray fucking Person sitting on the other side of the bed, exactly in that order. )

[Poll #1617722]

(ETA: Hahaha, oh, Merlin, back with your funky Anglo-Saxon. But ooh, Merlin, call out to me all angry-like, baby.)


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