Feb. 3rd, 2010

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So [livejournal.com profile] bookshop and a few others have some interesting posts about Oscar nominations, and I just wanted to jump in and bring people's attention to A Single Man, which has had a fairly limited release in the US (and a practically nonexistent one in other countries), and which you should watch, if you get the chance.

Colin Firth is nominated for his role in this, and I promise you that this is Colin Firth as you have never seen him before, and perhaps as you never thought you would see him (truly. I love him with the Hugh-Grant-kicking and the Silence-is-Golden-humming, but god, this is the sort of role in which he should clearly be being cast all the time). He is heartbreaking and caustic by turns and incredibly subtle throughout, and though I have yet to see all the other best-actor-nominated men in their own roles, I am happy to say, even now, that this must be one of the year's best performances.

The film is extremely self-consciously visual, which is perhaps no surprise--Tom Ford directed, and there are moments when you feel as if you're looking at a sun-dappled spread ad in Vogue. But it's beautiful--really beautiful--with a real air of 60s and 70s allure a-la-Godard, and has moments that are breathtaking (I'm thinking here of the final scene) and moments that are unexpectedly wonderful and made me smile joyfully in the cinema ("My mother cuts hair in Spain. She cut my hair before I came here. Do you like it?").

I will not say that I didn't feel moments of (mild) exasperation at what I'll (uncomfortably, for lack of a better word) call the 'elaborate' lushness of the film at first, but with time I did become enchanted by it, I did fall into it, I did relish it. There are some interesting visual things done with the Isherwood text, too, which are wonderful to watch.

And finally, with all the complaints about how un-diverse the Oscar nominations are this year: this is a film about being a man, not a film about being a gay man, and that is one of its most brilliant accomplishments, in my eyes. (COLIN FIRTH!!! Oh, and I also have to say: Julianne Moore, with her desperation and her perfect capture of an open-ended ennui and her loyalty.)

There is a heartbreaking and amazingly loving intensity in how Tom Ford and his team deal with this love story (this life story), and if it is playing anywhere near you, you should definitely make an effort to catch it.

That is all.

[[Oh, and SPN fans--watch for young Dean Winchester selling guns in a sports shop in an incredibly cheesy way about forty minutes into the film. Good god Christ.]]

eta: Oh, trailer, which I have just watched. Way to subtly mislead. But--go see this anyway!

eta ii: I have not done Matthew Goode (or Ford's treatment of Goode) any sort of justice in this post, but there is plenty of love for both in the comments, for those interested.


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