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So I had a story in June.

I thought it was finished.

It turns out it very much was not.

Someone saw it then, and then again when I realised the problem, and then again... and again... and again.

[ profile] nicolasechs has seen part of it now, and helped to make it immensely better for having had her eyes on it, as she always does. It has since then been rehashed three ways, at least, and is still being reworked, and I am struck by the notion that having someone seeing it once it's all done--without my harassing them about it every step of the way, without seeing it for the Frankenstein that it clearly is--would be a good idea.

The catch? It's 35,000 words and growing with each ear I sew on (my monster is like a KFC chicken, genetically grown to provide six tasty appendages). And I ideally would like to post it as soon as possible after it has been hit with an electric shock, as someone has patiently, patiently, waited for it to be finished for a long time, now.

It's about a year in Camelot, as an arranged wedding approaches. Merlin/Arthur, with house-of-ill-repute humour (YES, SUCH A THING EXISTS! (I THINK)) along the way.

Any takers for the admittedly unappealing task of betaing 35,000 words at speed? I am looking for cohesion, and truth of character, and flow (as well as anything else you think is relevant).

My thanks would be endless.

(PS: For those of you asking, "Do you even own a diary, [ profile] syllic, you infidel?" The answer is: Yes. Yes I do. And Part Four of Easy There (Or, How I Learned to Hate the WIP And Love The Bomb) is also in the pipeline. My (by now worthless on this matter!) word that it will be up as soon as my thesis is submitted.

PPS: And comments. Comments! Watch me (slowly, alas) put the tractor-traction reverse gear on my FAIL.)
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